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with Esther

I offer shamanic healing sessions for people and animals who are seeking a shift in their life on any level (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual). Each session is unique, but can involve the clearing of foreign energies, the return of soul essence or personal power, clearing of old energetic attachments, and endless other possibilities!


It has been my great honor to study extensively with many gifted shamanic practitioners, including long-term trainings with Ann Drucker, Rachel Weitz, Julie Kramer and Betsy Bergstrom. I have also studied with Sandra Ingerman and Julie Davis. 


I assist Ann Drucker during shamanic sessions and classes, and I have also assisted Rachel Weitz during her weekend workshop series. 


From these amazing practicioners I have learned the power and beauty of this work, as well as the importance of holding a very safe and sacred space to facilitate healing and support.


I have seen and experienced firsthand the transformational potential of shamanic healing, so I hold a deep reverence and appreciation for this practice.


Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a session for you or your pet.

"The true power of shamanic healing lies in the practitioner's ability to allow the helping spirits to work through them in order to generate healing for their client. In this fundamental regard, Esther is uncommonly gifted. Her ability to become transparent to the power of the helping spirits is a function of her genuine humility. Esther naturally possesses the humility and heart of a true shamanic healer. She is wired for this work!"

~Julie Kramer 

Healing for People

Pets also need shamanic support. If you notice a change in their behavior or energy level with no physical cause, they may need help clearing their energy field or facilitating a healing on their behalf. Animals often respond very positively to energetic healing work. Sessions for pets can usually be scheduled remotely; I will request a photo and will speak with you by phone about the issue before doing the session. 

1 hour | $100

Many of us find that we need spiritual and energetic support during certain moments of our lives.  Shamanic healing can be a powerful mechanism for support and personal transformation. Based on earth-centered traditions used around the world for thousands of years, shamanism is the practice of connecting directly with spiritual allies to facilitate healing. I use drums, rattles and singing to create a strong connection with my spiritual guides (and yours). Each session is unique, and may include aromatherapy, gentle massage and guided meditations.

2 hours | $175



Please contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Sliding scale payments may be available in cases of financial hardship.

Tel: 734 - 255 - 4454

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